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Apologies for being a bit late on this! Nonetheless, congratulations to this weeks winners with 6 votes a piece UberSkitty and Kyuss!!! Thank you to everyone who made teams and participated in voting!

With the wave of DLC drops coming in, let's build teams with at least 2 of the new drops we gained from NU!

Teams will be due Sunday, November 19th @ 11:59 PM GMT-5. Have fun with it!
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Bulky Worms
(the usual pokepaste link in sprites)
Def not a random team I pulled out of my teambuilder last second. It just showcases a couple of my sets, specifically bulky double status Arbok, Grassy Seed Restalk Vivillon, and Eject Button Arboliva to set that Grassy Terrain. The other three are just filler, your common glue mons in Rotom, Orthworm, and Swanna.

Also here's a fun replay of the team and sweeping with the Vivillon set:
Replays - Pokémon Showdown! (

Just saw that this round was pushed back a week but just remember that I technically won by default.
Trick or Sweep!
(click for paste)

I wanted to build trick room to take advantage of the low speed that Arboliva and Clawitzer have as the "at least 2 of the new drops," and I came up with this! Arboliva and Clawitzer are both good outside of trick room and usually capable of 1 or 2 KOs normally. Trick room usually turns that to 2-4, since they both can live a hit and do more damage after TR ends. Carbink is a suicide lead and trick room setter. Sturdy + mental herb guarantees trick room against anything threatening an OHKO or the zero taunt users I ran into during testing. Hazards are good against passive leads, and misty explosion opens a free switch. Crab is the obligatory physical sweeper, with tera elec for the flying resist and better defensive typing, although ground (and eq>thunder punch) may help vs poisons. Spiritomb is a secondary wall, setter, or physical damage dealer, with memento to get another switch. WoW is there because I didn't like sucker punch and didn't really want a dark move, and I went physical because the team needs it. Finally, Farigarif is obligatory on TR and is here to potentially annoy poison types, set and abuse TR, fill up a team slot, and have tera fire. I originally had CM and never clicked it, and thought Psychic>Gleam could be useful. Having 3 setters is nice, because I can afford a sacrifice and still be able to set TR again if the opponent stalls.

A replay | Out of trick room (kinda) showcase | got lucky, still shows how this team controls a game's pace
I am just trying to be fast
-Glaceon probably

I've build this team around scarfed Bombirdier, with the intention to switch in and out with U-Turn if things get too hot. Dusclops is personally always a good defensive pick for me. As a special or defensive wall, both can work. This time i decided to run spdef to fit my other nu drop besides our bombing bird, Golem-Alola. Alolan Golem serves either as a sr lead with galvanize explosion, making it a danger for mons with a weak defense or just as a defensive mon. I also invested 8 evs into speed to outspeed 52 spe ev arbolivia to definitly get rocks up. Protect is just a filler, always a good choice :DD
My only special attacker is Glaceon. In some eyes utter trash, in my eyes a powerfult threat. Especiallywith the highest spatk in the whole tier and below. Especially with scarf it outspeeds and oneshots/twoshots most mons, besides chansey and co :/// With tera ground it lives hits from rock and steel attacks, maybe even from fire and fighting ones.
Morpeko is the usual hazard remover, rapid spin combined with a dark stab feels very good against ghost types who would spinblock. Atlast I decides to put my setup sweeper in, Hisuian Sneasel. It is just very strong with the sd + it also can take hits with the eviolite which gives it decent bulk. Gunk shot, cc and tera blast with tera psychic cover a lot overall.

A big weakness of this team is getting the scarf knocked off, which loses your potential speed advantage, also the rock types have it a bit more easy against this team, because only Hisuian Sneasel resists it, but at the same time it is a more offensive pokemon. Also if morpeko faints, while sr are on your side is still up, Bombirdier and Glaceon will have a hard time getting in.
An even bigger threat are other scarf mons like Alolan Raichu, Hisuian Sneasel (unusual but still existing, atleast for me) and co.
Passimian is not a big problem, since Bombirdier outspeeds it with scarf.
The biggest downside of this team is, that only one pokemon can tera, preferably Glaceon or Hisuian Sneasel to negate it's weaknesses of sr(for Glaceon) or to hit hard against resisting types.

Mainly this team is in my opinion pretty versatile, because of the defensive core of Dusclops and Alolan Golem, which can be used as a suicide lead that explodes in the opposing mons face, and because of the choice to tera between a powerful fast setup sweeper or a (decently) fast Glace(-on) cannon.

In the end you decide on how to play this team.


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nada e ninguem

formerly Kyuss
soft ho

I'm really satisfied with the current metagame state, where HO playstyles are both enjoyable and effective. I've crafted a team that's a bit less traditional in its aggression, yet it's performing very well—recently climbed from 1300 to 1600 on the ladder with it. The strategy capitalizes on the strengths of Indeedee and Abomasnow, who set the stage for the rest of the team to chip away the opponent. Battles are quick and entertaining with this lineup.

For Indeedee, I've opted to not go with the expected Choice item in favor of a set that capitalizes on its high speed to trap opponents with Encore (which is arguably the best move in the tier rn), particularly when they use priority moves, which is highly effective under terrain effects. This approach often yields a lot positional advantage. I've opted for Tera Fire for broader coverage, enhancing Indeedee's impact.

My favorite mon in the tier right now, versatile and effective in various roles—hazard lead, pivot, all-out attacker, or with a Choice item. For this team, Choice Scarf maximizes its pivot capabilities and Knock Off utility. Brave Bird is excellent for cleaning up, and Rock Blast counters sash leads, which I find less frustrating than Stone Edge's unreliability. Usually causes some mind games as the opponent usually guess it's SR Lead and Indeedee is the Choice.

Carbink is a versatile check against numerous threats, particularly Charizard and normal types. It serves as a hazard setter and a respectable late-game cleaner. Under Aurora Veil, it's nearly invincible, striking a balance between defense and offense that seems to resonate well with the current metagame. Tera Fighting for a better offensive presence.

Spinner of the team, not much to say about Morpeko that has not been said. Well-known for making opponents wary, especially since it threatens Ghost types and can use Aura Wheel to potentially spiral out of control in the late game. Its Knock Off utility is a valuable addition.

I feel like this mon got even better on the current metagame, encountering way more opportunities to set up. It benefits from both Aurora Veil, which bolsters its defenses, and Psychic Terrain, which enhances Psycho Cut and grants immunity to priority moves. With the metagame’s recent development, opting for a Jolly nature over Adamant seems prudent to outspeed some additional threats. Tera Dark prevents it from being Encored by Prankster Pokémon and enhances Night Slash—particularly useful against Houndstone.

I was already loving Abomasnow previously, but currently i feel like it's S+ material since Rain and Sun stakes are sky high. It almost auto-invalidates Rain teams and introduces a lot of complexity to battles against Sun teams. Is a very valuable electric check, given the scarcity of viable Ground types on current meta. Sets up veil effortlessly and is very difficult to switch on. I like mine with HDB because it brings a lot of value besides setting up for the team, so it's better to keep it's longevity. Max speed too as i feel i get more value from outspeeding some threats than hitting harder. Tera Ground like said before to avoid some key OHKOs and KO back (Skuntank, Perrseker, Pyroar, etc...)

Since it's still running. I've made the post for last week but since i planned to use on tour put on hold and forgot. Aboma description is a little bit outdated after damp and heat rock bans but still really good.


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yall are straight up wack if i dont win this, i was the only one who met the deadline. even if it is illegal now.


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Congrats to UberSkitty for winning this past competition with 5 votes!! It's not their first win and I'm sure it won't be the last! Thank you to all of the builders and voters who participated this round!

Now that DLC 2 has been released, let's make this next weeks competition include any team of your choice, but it must have one of the new NFEs from DLC 2.

Teams will be due Friday, December 29th @ 11:59 PM GMT-5. Have fun and show off your building skills!
Alright, I finally made something worth submitting:

Electabuzz Team (Bulky Offense? Balance? VoltTurn? Probably BO)
:Electabuzz: :Lurantis: :Sneasel: :Articuno: :Poliwrath: :Probopass:

I didn't want to be simple and use Rhydon, so I started by picking an NFE that wasn't Rhydon or Duosion since I built with it recently. I really wanted to use Magmar, but it's support movepool is mid for lacking recovery and fire types aren't easy to fit rn. Naturally, I went with Electabuzz next. Its eviolite bulk is quite nice, and when combined with its speed it's able to thunderwave scarf fighting types after living a hit before volt switching out next turn. From there, I wanted a real electric check and slapped on a Rhydon, built a team that worked, read too hard into the emphasized 'one' in the prompt, and restarted until I made this team!

Lurantis is removal plus elec resist plus volt pivot from buzz plus sweeper. I really like it in general. I also kept losing to Poliwrath despite having an electric and grass type so I added my own poli and Articuno, with the latter checking opposing Lurantis (which i lost to after getting fully para'd 3 times) and opposing Poliwrath. Probopass is probably the best rocker for the team, turning into a bulky pivot after you get rocks up. I specifically chose it because I wanted a Skuntank/poison check and proceeded to not run into any in testing. Finally, Sneasel is here because I have 2 slow pivots and 0 fast physical attackers. I honestly just needed something fast and choiced here and couldn't think of anything other than Sneasel.

And that's the team! It struggles v poison and fighting types still, and apparently focus sash psych up medicham. Electabuzz is unironically your best answer to them through twave, taunt, and volt switch to get in something that either can set up enough to make the poison cry or is articuno.

Replays: Electabuzz doing disruption | I actually played well for once and positioned | I got lucky | no i did not save the 3 para game


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We are now back after a long holiday break (and I was on vacation)!

Now that DLC 2 meta seems to have settled, let's do an interesting team build for this week. Each team must contain at least one style of field effect! This can be Sun, Trick Room, Terrains, or anything else you can think of (DM me on Smogon on Discord if you need to confirm what counts as a field effect)!

Teams will be due Friday, January 19th @ 11:59 PM GMT-5. Let's see some cool teams!!!
As someone who posted an essay about trick room 2 days before the meta ended because I really love trick room, it should be easy to guess what field effect I chose. Ignore how I tried to make Magic Room hazstack first with no knowledge of how to hazard stack.

Trick Room::bronzong: :clawitzer: :spiritomb: :hariyama: :glastrier: :porygon2:

This is somehow my first time trying trick room in this meta, and I was a little scared there wouldn't be abusers at first because I forgot Glastrier existed, but this mon gets to 960 attack with CB + 1 Chilling Neigh KO, which is insane when it moves first because of trick room. Tera ice is because I was making this in time for a room tour, and because I want to hammer in the OHKOs with icicle crash.

As for the rest of the team, Bronzong doesn't go boom unfortunately, but is still a pretty good setter and has room for rocks. Tera dragon is for late game trick room setting against a Floatzel or fire type. I then put on an OTR tomb because it was amazing last meta, and although it can't always get up a NP and a trick room like it used to, it's a pretty reliable setter, and the bulk is still there. Porygon2 is here because it is slow, strong, bulky, and because I needed that optional third setter. Hariyama is slow and strong, helping break holes in teams and absorb status. Finally, Clawitzer is the only thing keeping this team from falling apart to a Floatzel or fire type outside of trick room. You really need to preserve Claw's HP if you are against one of those mons and aren't using tera on bronzong. ignore how i had this in mind the second replay and proceeded to not put claw in on float

And I have replays. Glastrier OHKOs non-physdef tera fire vileplume | Mental herb did something!
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You forgot to mention the most viable of field effects, Gravity! And I went through much too unneeded effort to make this.

These were the Gravity setters I settled on. While Regirock's set looks somewhat like a suicide lead, its natural bulk and typing made it a great switchin through matches and gave me plenty of chances to set up Gravity or rocks. Stone Edge's low accuracy benefits from Gravity and Explosion did Explosion stuff. Also I really needed a Fire resist of some kinda, Typhlosion is a large threat. I pretty much just went with Eggy for Gravity+Sleep Powder, with Leaf Storm+Eject Pack being just an added bonus. That being said, it was hard to find a slot for any other grass mons in the team, and I don't feel like having a Gravity team with no Ground resists. The other Gravity setter I tried was Magneton, and while it was cool on its own with Volt Switch to pivot and 100% accurate Thunder, it stacked weaknesses and kinda overlapped with Vikavolt's stuff.
When I realized Triple Axel hits all three times in Gravity, oh boy. Sneasel also pairs great with Webs, between Knock Off and outspeeding most of the unboosted metagame, notably Scarfers whose Speed was only neutralized by Webs. Switched between CB and SD, but ultimately went SD since no Boots nor hazard removal really screwed it over a few times. As fun as firing off those CB boosted Triple Axels was.
First I realized Gravity would make the Flying/Levitating mons vulnerable to Spikes, but when realizing it was the same with Webs, I knew it had to be done. While Vikavolt losing Levitate in Gravity sucks, it also gives it 100% accurate Thunder. Also another pivot is always nice. Like I said before, it largely contributed to removing Magneton, but Masquerain is way too passive to consider putting here. Though I'd be lying if I said Triple Axel Leavanny never came to mind...
When building Webs (or really any hazard-based team) one of the first things that comes to mind is needing a Defog punisher. Primeape was the other main contender for this role, but I ultimately went with Passimian for another Knock Off user to further support Webs. I was unsure about the last moveslot, having run Tera Ground EQ mostly to utilize Gravity since our offensive Ground options seemed pretty mediocre. However, once I added Duggy, I changed it to Tera Poison Gunk Shot to have a way to remove at least Toxic Spikes and an inaccurate attack to benefit from Gravity.
This mon worked better than I expected, with it being my best option for an offensive ground mon if I didn't wanna use CB Sandaconda. While Alolan Duggy is often the go-to, the mons it misses out on outspeeding is too important imo. I switched between SD and CB on Duggy based on what I was running on Sneasel at the time, ultimately resulting in running CB. And I gotta say, CB Tera Ground EQ in Gravity is a threat. Duggy apparently lost Aerial Ace, which would hit grass mons like Virizion, so I just went with Double Edge in the free slot for neutral coverage, but stuff like Shadow Claw, Throat Chop, or Fire Tera Blast (at the cost of no Tera Ground) prob work too.

Here's some replays:
Hi zoowi:
Got lucky with the Triple Axel hits at the end, but it shows how hard it is to switch into:
Using Gravity to make sure the Regice stays asleep forever. Also Vikavolt does Thunder stuff:
Going into an earlier rendition of the team, but look at that Magmortar not missing its Fire Blasts:

In conclusion, Gravity has come a long way since earlier in the gen, when our best setters were Stonjourner and Wigglytuff and Flapple was still viable, aka the mon whose whole thing is Gravity sweeping. Today we have much more, and better, Gravity setters like Malamar, Porygon, and the Regis. And even without as many Hustle users and offensive ground mons, we have enough inaccurate af moves to go around. Overall, Gravity is a very unexplored strategy, with lots of options for both setters and sweepers. Too bad it still sucks.
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